Canadian War Diaries Of The Normandy Campaign

In the British and Canadian armies of the Second World War, an Infantry Division included 3 brigades which were subsequently composed of 3 battalions, with each battalion consisting of 821 Officers and Other Ranks. Additionally, a division had 3 field regiments of artillery, 1 anti-tank regiment, and 1 light anti-aircraft regiment. Divisions were also staffed with ‘Divisional Troops’, which includes signalers, engineers, a reconnaissance regiment, supply/transport and medical personnel. The total strength on paper for this composition was 18,347 Officers and Other Ranks. For a definition of an Armoured Division, see the 4th Canadian Armoured Division page, and for an Independent Armoured Brigade, see the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade page.

War Diaries missing from our online collection may be viewed on Library and Archives Canada’s sister site, HéritageTheir collection is organized by LAC reel numbers. To determine which reel a particular unit’s diaries are on, follow LAC’s instructions here.

2nd Canadian Infantry Division

3rd Canadian Infantry Division

4th Canadian Armoured Division

2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade

2nd Canadian Corps Troops

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion