4th Canadian Armoured Division

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The 4th Canadian Armoured Division landed in Normandy in July of 1944 as a reinforcement for the Allied effort in the Normandy Campaign. The composition of an armoured division differed from that of an infantry division, in that an armoured division was composed of Sherman and Churchill tanks with supporting infantry. The order of battle for such a division was as follows: 1 armoured brigade, which included 3 armoured regiments, 1 infantry brigade, also composed of 3 regiments. Artillery formations included 2 field regiments, as well as 1 anti-tank regiment and 1 light anti-aircraft regiment. Divisional troops included engineers, signalers, a reconnaissance regiment, supply/transport and medical personnel. The total strength on paper for an armoured division was 14,964 Officers and Other Ranks. This series contains the war diaries for this division in July and August, as well as the diaries of every brigade and regiment within it.

Complete war diaries, including items not in our online collection may be viewed through Library and Archives Canada. To search, follow the instructions here.

4th Canadian Armoured Division Headquarters:


4th Canadian Armoured Brigade


10th Canadian Infantry Brigade (Link to Library & Archives Canada)


  • 15th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 23rd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 5th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 8th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

Divisional Troops: