Series Description

This series consists of documents on a variety of aspects related to Western defence, security and war effort between 1937 and 1945. All of the documents in this series were produced during and/or discuss the pre-1945 era. The documents listed below are not currently available online.


Box 1

The Future of Canadian Army Research and Development: An Appreciation

  • Colonel W.W. Goforth, DSD(W) – 17 September 1945

Anti-Aircraft Defence of the United Kingdom from 28th July, 1939, to 15th April, 1945

  • Supplement to The London Gazette – 18 December 1947

Soldiers as Statesmen in the Twentieth Century

  • Peter Dennis – 1970s (exact date unknown)

“Radar Intelligence and the Dieppe Raid”

  • J.R. Robinson – 1 September 1990

Folder: “Calculated Risks: Canadian Science At War, 1939-45”

  • Final copy of a film script for BBS by Mike Laewen and John Tarzwell – 1994-95

The Air Defence of Great Britain, 1920-1940: An Operational Research Perspective

  • Maurice Kirby and Rebecca Capey – 16 February 1996