NORAD and Aerospace

Series Description

The emergence of thermonuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the late 1950s forced Canada to reaffirm and strengthen its defence partnership with its southern-most neighbour. Accordingly, the North American Air Defence (NORAD) agreement was signed in 1958 which ratified Canada’s bilateral commitment with the United States to co-operate in continental air defence. The records in this series consist of documents that describe the relevance of NORAD to Canadian defence throughout the Cold War and into the twenty-first century.

Available Documents

Box 1

File 1: Canada, North American Security and NORAD
File 2: Homeland Defence and Canadian Sovereignty
File 3: The Importance for Canada of Overhead Surveillance
File 4: Sustainable Air Power
File 5: Summer Study on Air Defence at Project Lincoln, 1952


Box 2

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