Canada – US Relations

Series Description

In the early Cold War period (1945-1965) North American continental security dominated Canada’s foreign policy agenda. Geography placed Canada in between two growing technological superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, and across the most-direct route of a potential Soviet missile attack. Canada had co-operated with the US  in defence matters since the Second World War, but the emergence of thermonuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the late 1950s forced Canada to reaffirm and strengthen its defence partnership with its southern-most neighbour. The records in this series consist of documents that describe defence co-operation and intelligence sharing between Canada and the US from 1945 to 2000.

Available Documents

Box 1

File 1: The Strategic Defence of North America
File 2: North American Security and Canadian Sovereignty
File 3: Strategic Deterrence and North American Defence
File 4: Synopses of Papers on Canada-US Security
File 5: A Canadian Perspective on Canada-US Defence Relations